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" Eileen is a quiet presence, gently soft spoken, kind and generous. She has been a practitioner for many years and through her, you feel her deep connection with healing angels. The first time I was on her Reiki table, her cold hands started at my head and within minutes they were warm and vibrating. Within that healing I experienced many visions that were crystal clear and varied. Soon I was awash in colors, undulating and pulsating, vividly vibrating as she began to bathe me with the beautiful instruments. Intuitively she is guided as to what is needed. She orchestrates even deeper levels of healing and connection." - Deb C. 

"You are in for an amazing healing experience when you have a session with Eileen. She uses sound healing with singing bowls and tuning forks to help clear and heal. Combined with her intuition and reiki experience, Eileen's healing is powerful and effective. She has helped me release and then filled me back up with energy. I felt relaxed and wonderful."  

- Helen L. 

"By combining her skills as a reiki healer with her abilities to use the vibrational energy of sound healing, voiced by a variety of unique instruments, Eileen creates a healing energy environment that promotes sense of peace to move my mind and body to a more balanced and peaceful place." Michelle C.

" Eileen invites participants to luxuriate in an immersion of varying waves of echoing sounds. The experience is akin to the dreamlike state right before full sleep. I leave sessions feeling refreshed and renewed with open heart and clear mind. Eileen is able to intuit the intentions and needs of the room, reaching each individual participant. Each experience is unique and different from the session before, customized for each group. Eileen is a talented Reiki Master and beautiful musician. I have made her monthly sound baths part of my self care plan." - Elizabeth C. 

"I felt like I was up with the Angles. So relaxing."  - Jack C. 


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